This aint GOODBYE :) …

im warm.. im protected like the little bird in her mommy’s nest…this is HOME and there is no place like this. there is nowhere i’d want to be right now .. i rub my eyes ..  the suns bright and shining ..something has changed.. its time for me to spread my wings and fly out from the nest thats kept me feeling secure  but i look back and i see my mother .. shes in tears ..i do not have to tell her how i feel .. she knows it by the look on my face.. she knows its time i flew away to far away lands and made a nest on my own now .. i don’t want to leave home mommy i tell her .. she takes me in her arms and kisses me Goodbye ..

its a long way to the place where i’ve to be.. going across mountains n oceans.. but i know someones waiting there for me. someone with whom i’m going to be building this nest .. i hear his voice from a distance and i know i’ll be fine in a place i will call my own .. Home away from home.

Photo Courtesy: ME

Like every girl i’ve dreamt of getting married from the time i was in school .. and sometimes you dream about something so much that when its actually happening .. you pinch yourself but still somehow can’t believe that its for seriously .. is this FOR REAL??????

i try posting it on Facebook. tell everyone. have people ask me so many questions about when what how.. and it still somehow dint sink in my head that i was finally ENGAGEDD..

its like the moment in between who you were and who your becoming .. the point where dance of life happens..

i just sit here in my room thinking about my life here. every little thing in my room almost comes to life .. i think i’ve started hearing them speak to me now. i look out of the window .. look at the sun setting at the beach.. can’t help but remember how much i hated this place at first and all i wanted to do was run away and thought i could stay in any other place but JUSTT NOT here. Not a single thing interested me. like i was just looking for reasons to get out. all i did was constantly talk to people who were not even here (i still do that ..thanks to whatsapp FB n skype) ..and just dint feel like i could ever fall in love with this place or the people.

it took  me forever to make friends. get in touch with people i had already known here.. and finally start loving this place.   the walks .. the malls .. the long conversations ..the cars .. buildings.. Break waters.. Corniche..  Cars. the Life here. Stories. getting uber busy working here and all the family time..and there is nothing i will miss more than having you’ll around to have actually made this place so Beautiful for me 🙂 Thank you to people who are here and who are back in Hyderabad and other places but have still put up with me in years 🙂

Anyways here i am .. ACTUALLLYYY GETTING MARRIED for realll you knowww??????? :O


so many emotions going on in my head right now ..Nervousness.Stress.Joy.Attachment.Excitement.Hopes. Dreams of how my lifes going to be and how I’ve wanted and waited for this for a very very long time.. its just the thought of leaving Abu Dhabi.. my family and everything here suddenly thats making me upset but on the other hand i know that every choice comes with a certain change 🙂 somethings are just good for you .. n you can feel it in your bones .. i feel amazing to have reached this stage of life where i will start this journey with someone in my life finallyyy 🙂 no race. no comparison. just me. a whole new beginning and meaning to life itself ..

i just feel like an Indian woman from another generation with the thought of leaving things behind and going into this new life 🙂  but despite all this nervousness and worry about how things will be .. its this very positive feeling with everyones prayers, wishes and love that i’m here now .. and can’t wait to have this whole NEW CHAPTER to my life .. or may be a book itself .. 😀 i just want to pause this moment. breathe. relax cause i feel good about all these little things that i feel right now .. even the nervousness is the good kind for once 😀

i will madlyyyyy miss this place and everything about it but its time to say my Goodbyes now 🙂 its time for me to go Pack my bags..close my eyes. Pray and get into my free fallin mode now 😀 Yalla Habibi 😉

all i need is Rum n Raybans 😀

Cheers to New Beginnings .. and love to everyone in my life ❤

a little song i found ❤

I put the locket that you gave me in a shoe box
With all my favorite High School pictures in a Ziplock
So when I think I’m by myself I know that I’m not
Thanks for the extra cash
Please take good care of Dad
And I promise you I’ll call along the way

Mama, Don’t you cry 
I’m moving on but no this ain’t goodbye
We might be miles apart but I’ll carry you in my heart
I’ll send you kisses on the phone 
But mama, I’m leaving home

P.s my first post in the new blog ❤

lots of love,

A ❤

11 thoughts on “This aint GOODBYE :) …

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  1. This is just outstanding dittyy…a better way to convey your feelings. :)))))
    This is where you gonna step in to the real life. …so enjoy n b positive. ….keep blagging best of luck for your next turn…:)

  2. this is the thought of every girl… but every girl’s thought is unique in her own way… and your thought is also an unique one and a very special one… i wish you all the happiness of the world and all the love u deserve.. and i have all the trust that the person u going to marry is the special one of ur life whom u have been waiting for… and 1 more promise from my side “I WILL ALWAYS BE UR SIDE ALL THROUGH OUT UR LIFE….. EVER AND FOREVER”

  3. Well written addu girl 😀 ..loved it..the way you showed the emotion run throughout the article was amazing 😀 ..its sad u deleted ur old blog but you are back with bang 🙂 ..keep posting more 😀

  4. to my sunshine girl
    m soo happy fr u aditi kutty …all the best frm the bottom of my heart fr a prosperous future….met u only once in my lyf…and as i said b4 i really feel guity fr nt keepin in touch wiv u in person….i can never frgt or finish thanking u fr the help u offered that day i arrived in uk nearly 6 yrs back….u were a total stranger to me then……bt u treated me like a sister since then…i ws completely lost in the new city n few ppl like u helped me in that acute situation….nt every one wud do that….ur name brings me the face f a sunshine girl….may happiness never fades away frm ur life big hugggs xxxoooxxx…with lots of luv n thanks gipsy

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