Finding self..

“I know well what I am fleeing from but not what I am in search of.” – Michel de Montaigne

She doesn’t know what shes looking for. Sitting in d balcony lost in her thoughts.  The Rain and a cup of coffee give her company. Wondering what the purpose in life is now. Which road to take from here. An uncertain future. So many roads that were not taken ..Things to carve, things to discover. She had to leave her mark before she left she told herself. But how?

Time flying. Wheres life going? Everyday it teaches so many lessons but What you learning? So much to do and such little time. Each second it felt like time was just running away. Slow or fast it was still running. Sometimes like sand through fingers .. sometimes at the speed of light. But she wonders if she’ll ever be able to make her masterpiece In the world.

and Find what shes looking for.

3 thoughts on “Finding self..

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  1. Nice post 😀 ..and don’t worry, you will make your masterpiece for sure 😉 ..if you know what you are running from you are done with 50% of work 😀 ..nicely written addu.

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