Life.Destiny.Choice.iBelieve :)

Life is about the most unpredictable stuff. The ups. the downs. crazy twists and turns.  so full of surprises ..

Nothing in my life has ever gone according to a fixed plan. When i pack early the flight gets cancelled. When I chose the Guitar I was handed a keyboard ..I don’t shop for clothes by myself or choose the food i want to eat at a restaurant (hate going alone) 😛 so yeah that pretty much sums up why I just hate making choices or have been an extremely confused person when it comes to picking something.

and suddenly, i was asked to meet this guy who i didn’t know . Like a proposal. like it was time for me to get what would I say.” hello yo. I’m the girl your getting married to. whats up!” 😛

I was petrified at the thought of it. I was being asked to make a choice. How would i know if he’s the right one? What should i talk to him about? How does one say okay to get married by just meeting once?I didn’t have like the Ideal Partner list made.

A guy travelling across oceans and seas for like 40 hours or so just to see me. What if he dint like me? What if i got nervous when i spoke? What if we dint feel the connection? Not like we were being forced to marry ..There were just so many things running in my head.


THE DAY: 80’s Indian movie scene. It was a very traditional Indian style meeting. Our horoscopes matched and now the guy was finally here. He walked in and all my relatives waiting to talk and shower him with questions. We finally spoke and the very next day we both said YES to our parents.

.. and two weeks later we’re engaged. Unpredictable much??? we were getting MARRIEDDD!

Everyone around me had just the same things to ask. What if things went wrong. What if he changed. What if he was just being nice cause it was the first meeting. So many what ifs. I had no answer. I dint know how i would explain the joy I felt when we sat down to speak or how i had just melted as he spoke. I din’t know how the conversation never ended for a second or how it went on for long till finally people decided to just come and stop us 😛  We don’t have a lot in common but i was actually happy about it. I couldn’t even explain the big smile I had even after they had left (so not usual after meeting a complete stranger). Not once did he make me feel like i was meeting him for the first time or I had to be conscious about anything. Everyone else had question mark on their face but my parents seemed to be relieved or may be worried for him knowing me and my wonderful cooking and cleaning skills.It was a risk he was taking 😛 but whatever it was .. the minute they left i knew he was the one i was marrying and it was done. i knew i met my SOUL MATE.

I’m still not sure if it was destiny that got us together or just mere choices but what I know is its going to be a long journey from here. Full of Adventures and life’s ups and downs will be more interesting now. My dull days will be different. I know i wont have days when i’ll be alone and that my punching bag for my moody days will always be there with me. I Love how my parents have been together for so many years and that is exactly what i want for my life. I know it’ll take a crazy amount of patience(from his side) for this to work but with choices and marriage comes responsibility. So for now i guess i should go pack some extra chocolate and goodies for this ride 🙂 but like someones rightly said “When there is Love. Journeys become easier. Patience grows and so do people grow into each other over time and anything is possible” 🙂

Much Love and Peace,

A.D! 🙂

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