There are very few times in life when you know your dying of stress but there’s nothing more beautiful than that one particular phase..

We had exactly four months from the time we got engaged to the wedding date and yes it drove me insane with all the stress. Like every bride to be i had my dreams. I wanted my wedding to be like the ones they show on TV. big fat Indian wedding style 🙂 so each time someone said something wasn’t possible I’d be so mad and RG (my husband) would just patiently be on Skype or over the phone listening to me whine (Ah Long distance)

My parents had a very tough time, so did my friends and Divya (D, bestie). For every little thing i would panic and think so much that one of them had to always be talking to me and telling me everything would turn out great. For years I’ve looked at magazines and shows thinking about what I’d be wearing for the wedding, the photographer, the venue and how every little thing would be.

The night before the wedding after all the photo shoot, dancing and celebrations, D and I sat there at the window sill looking at the temple where i was going to get married. i was finally there. i had dreamed of the day and how it should be “forever” and now it was finally happening ..

D : are you really getting married?

Me : ah i guess. when did we grow up??

D : i don’t know re. your really getting married??? in a couple of hours??? :O

*panic mode* *walks around*

and then we continue talking about all the thousand odd things from our lives. We’ve really come a long way. School, boys, Bi****, Stories, all the drama we’ve gone through, emotions.

I was there .. Going to get married and it was unbelievable after the crazy year (2012) but still I was so  concerned about a zillion odd things. How i was going to look .. how i’d walk and what he’d think when he sees me or what everyone else was going to think.. everything had to go the way i had in mind.. It was 3AM in the morning when the beauticians arrived to finally get me ready and i almost had a high temperature.


all i could see was people running around. My parents din’t have the time to breathe .. they were definitely more stressed than i was, handling the whole thing by themselves with help from other family members too though. Luckily i din’t have to do a single thing myself.

i was blank .. just stood there and D was just holding my cold hand as i shivered before we could head out. I kept asking her if i looked okay and i was so nervous i couldn’t even look at people in the eye and she just kept talking to me as we walked .. making sure I was calm the whole time.
the wedding was Beautiful 🙂 Way better than i imagined. Every bit of it .. the Mehendi, all my family members gathering, the dancing. the entire week was just absolutely amazing and if it wasn’t for my family and D it wouldn’t have been as lovely as it was.IMG_20130731_183359

there are so many parts to every wedding .. i know if i keep writing .. i’ll go on from the day he first came to see me .. to the time i was obsessed at looking at pictures of clothes and sites for inspirations n things .. sleepless nights.. worries about how lifes going to change .. and so many other things ..

it has been Great 🙂  I’ve just known RG for about 6-7months now but its fun .. i love how we laugh together at the dumbest of things .. i like the fact that i get his humor and he gets mine .. i like that i wake up to see his face every morning .. how there are no rules .. how i get excited when he compliments me .. how i dress up and run to him to see his reaction .. how i never thought i would cook and how it makes him happy that i do it for him.. how i like it when he gets home from work and says .. honey .. how was your day 🙂 i melt each time he says he loves me 😀 I am in a much better place than I was and am glad I waited for Mr.Right to come by 🙂

Cheers to the unpredictable life ( )

Cheers to new beginnings. to love. to togetherness. to lots of cups of chai n coffee .. to travel n discover .. to always be friends .. to promises made. to laugh cry and support no matter what.
p.s Thank you Mom and Dad for making my wedding so PERFECT. It was waaayyy better than i imagined it would be. The best beautician, amazing photographer and venue 🙂 😀 

RG i Love you 🙂 xx

Thanks D, Alsam and Sashu for coming down all the way for my wedding. It really meant a lot 🙂 and you’ll will always remain special in my life 🙂 

Thanks to all my friends and family for the support and love through the whole time


A.D!! 🙂

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  1. AWWWWWWWWW I loved reading this!!! Such a cute account of your pre-wedding nerves. I am so happy that you had the time of your life that day and you and your husband seem to have an amazing and cute bond! I love it!! Sending you lots of love… to you and your husband ❤

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