Not so lonely anymore ..


He touched the shadow on the wall .. the only time someone was there for him. cold, dark and silent nights pass by and no one can hear him … a life feeling lost and lonely. weeping like a baby he curls up holding his blanket tight like it was a person wishing someday someone would hold him too the same way.

The world full of people but there was no one for the lonely boy seemed like everyone was happy ..but he’d look around him and have no one around him. Β it was a busy world after-all, people. the noise. who would have time to turn and look back and smile at him?

he waits for the night for that shadow to appear. It makes him feel like he’s not alone. the only thing that kept him feeling sane. his shadow had become his only friend. it was right beside him till one day, she walked into his life .. a little beauty with shiny eyes that looked like they were filled with joy, pretty little ears. She looked like a complete doll.

He named her Shadow. the feeling of having someone by his side was different. Something he wasn’t used to, but it felt great. She was homeless like him but there was so much he learnt from her each day..

Β  She’d put her head on his lap wanting him to pat her and run his hand through her fur and he knew he had a finally found a family of his own. There was this feeling like the silent nights weren’t silent anymore. Peaceful. Like all his worries would just fade away.. that he could appreciate all the little things in life .. a walk, sitting by water with Shadow, the way a small piece of bread gave her the joy of having a first class meal, the way she ran around like there was no worry in the world, bringing instant smiles ..he learnt to live in the moment with her by his side, and he knew life couldn’t have been more hopeful .. and that there it was what he’d been looking for.. Paradise πŸ™‚

Life’s beautiful and will be when you find yourself someone with that kind of friendship and love..

PS. ❀ Betty, Joe and Jess my three little dogs πŸ™‚ wherever you are .. i hope you are happy and that you’ll are spreading the love and smiles that you once got in my life πŸ™‚ ❀

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