Shopaholic for life ..

There is always a time when we walk across a store.. Find a board that says SALE and buy things.. like that really cheap bag or shoe that you bought just cause you thought it was cheap.

“how can it be so cheap and your not buying it?” You think to yourself. this is so like the One night stands. Something you thought you could use and throw but can you actually do it??? Use something and then just chuck it. I for sure cannot.. Maybe its the fact that i believe in monogamy. does that mean I have a relation with my shoes n bags too????

even if the color changes I somehow still want them. The thought of throwing away stuff that I own is something I can’t think of.

reminds me of the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic’s quote “warm butter sliding down a hot toast”


Its like all these things really have a life. There will never be a time when I might say I have enough shoes and bags. what a vicious cycle.. you slog for a month and then the minute u walk past a store its like u tell yourself .. yeah i’m just going to do some window shopping. one round ..two rounds and next thing you know .. your trying on those pretty little shoes or that beautiful dress that has a big red tag that says sale. and u tell yourself so what if its a little ill fitting i can fix that .. i can still lose some weight. this dress will finally be my motivation n i will start working out .. what then???

You tell yourself “Oh, i’m doing a wardrobe clean up. I need to throw away everything that i haven’t been using” .. few minutes later when your taking a break and come across a new blog you see a new basic essential that is really in style and then again there is this heart versus mind conversation happening. i can style this in so many different ways. how can i not buy it??

or say “oh! i just don’t have those perfect black heels that will go with all my clothes and i need to buy it”


you walk into a store and not necessarily walk out with just one pair of black heels. It is an every time situation and will be ..

Some relations are here to stay no matter what you say or how much you try to deny. Either you live with the ones you have, buy new things or renew the ones you already have 😀 It is going to take a lot of work, time and effort but that is what beauty of life is all about..

each little thing you own has a story to tell .. you’ve just got to listen carefully.. Being a shopaholic isn’t bad. it is who you are 🙂 and as long as it makes you feel great 😀 nothing else matters *sings*

Love and Cheers to being a Shopaholic for lifee..

A.D 😀

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  1. OMG!!! I love shopping! And what you said are totally true. Every item I own has a story to tell, and memories too 😀

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