New Orleans :D

“I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” 
―Mary Anne Radmacher

Travel changes how you see the world. You learn some more each time you decide to do it. Every day is an experience and the joy of being home again after all that is done is priceless 🙂 

After close to 40 hours of travel from India to Florida to stay with RG, we had to go down to New Orleans for a week. We took an early morning flight and stayed in the downtown 🙂 and trust me that is exactly where you should stay or at least visit if you can’t 😀 ..

whats interesting about the city is there wasn’t a single day when i thought i was done and that I wanted to get home 🙂 Pure treat.. the view, people, the colorful, something so mysterious about the place. the voodoo and ghost stories along the way too 🙂 *love*

i love cities with life .. people are up in New Orleans till late hours and it makes it so much fun just being there. even if you walk out late at night you know you’ll find the streets full of people. No wonder they say, “the city never sleeps”

Reminded me of the years I’ve stayed in London 🙂 Also the list of things to do in New Orleans is huge ..I instantly fell in love with the city.

I’ve added some of the pictures taken during the evening walks..

New Orleans :D
New Orleans 😀












French Market, Bourbon streets were all interesting places to walk. the Beignets and coffee from Cafe Du Monde, Southern wedding cake from PJs coffee and Po boys from the local restaurants like Daisy Dukes were all delish and to die for 🙂

I guess I might just add more picture posts in the future .. there are so many to upload was so hard to select just a few from them..


A.D! 🙂

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