She will be loved

With butterflies in her stomach, sweaty palms as she held her passport and ticket in hand constantly checking the watch and the board with the flight times. Its been a while now since she last saw Aarav. The big fight they had almost ruined everything for them when she told him she was pregnant with his baby..

Doodle by me :)
Doodle by me 🙂

Being back in her hometown after the gap felt like a big step she was taking. The clock seemed to be moving slower than ever. She was finally there and all she could think of was to directly head to the place they called their Adda (Hangout place). She was sure Aarav would come there everyday with his friends.

Ridhi eagerly waited there thinking of all the things she’d tell him. They had dated each other for a very long time but it was a couple of months now since they last saw each other after the fight. She started day dreaming about all the possible things.. how she was going to talk to him. thinking if she should hug him first and tell him how much she’s missed him in the months .. and how much she loves him. It was a lot for her to manage alone but she had tried everything she could to make sure she handled things alone but the thought of being away from him brought her back to the city.

She picked up her phone to look at their pictures and had that smile, like she could light the whole place 🙂 Hours went by and there was no sign of him. Everyday for the next couple of days she went back to the same cafe thinking she’d see him. He had changed his number and there was no way she could walk directly to his house that way ..

A week later just as she decides to walk out of the cafe; she happens to see him on the bike passing in front of her. The only addition that happened from the last time she saw him was that he was with someone else. The girl held him close as she sat behind him on the bike. He din’t notice Ridhi standing there. Numb. Like everything just went blank for a while. Everything stood still as he just went away with her..

It wasn’t the last time she saw him but there wasn’t much she could do or tell him after what she had seen. Life had to move on and with her bundle of joy, with time she had to become stronger though she still wondered how he could just walk away and wanted to know how he could just leave her that way but never pushed herself to do it. It was his decision to move on and be with someone else and with time she realised that she din’t really need to be with someone who ran away at the thought of having a child. Life would have been harder staying with someone that din’t care or even had the thought about being with someone else in your presence. May be, he just wasn’t man enough.

It takes more than just courage to stand up and take responsibility for the things people do.

PS: writing this reminded me of how many kids are growing up in orphanages and the numbers seem to have only increased. My prayers! 

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  1. Very nicely penned Aditi! I have always loved when females are strong and not crybabies and its lovely to see you think so too!

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