To the world,

A mother. A daughter. A sister. A wife and now you give her a tag calling her “A Victim“?

Powerful or Powerless. You know in every little moment of your day you will want her to be there then WHY??? Ever imagined how life would be without a woman in your life? Haven’t you knowingly or unknowingly just neglected all that she has done for you?

Don’t let her weigh down in the burden of the dowry you want. Aren’t you man enough to be making some money yourself or does it help you feel in power when a family tries to fall on your feet to take their daughter with you??? You really think she couldn’t have done better if it wasn’t for you?

You throw acid on her just cause she said No to you or may be for this strange picture you built in your head or cause she must have hurt you at some point?

Don’t kill her cause she is a girl. Let her breathe and blossom into something she’s wanted to. Don’t you know it’ll all come down to you at the end and that all that she does will be for you?

Don’t let her down cause she thought she could trust in you at some point. All she wants you to do is Be a Man to help her voice come through.

You know even after all that you put her through she will grow out of it. Stronger than ever before. Believe it or not she deals with things every single day of her life. Arms will join and you’ll find your place soon. You be good and you’ll find love.

PS I know this little post is doing nothing really for the women around. There is violence everywhere and so much that has been happening for centuries now against them. Let there be no Aruna Shanbaug’s in the world. We could just look around and find someone to help in little ways. Spread some love, courage, louder voices and education.



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