The Road Not Taken

A road means so different to everyone. For some it is the path to just reach a new destination. For some an expressway to freedom, may be for others a trail to just find more beauty. Wanderlust.

I remember this poem that was taught back in school “the road not taken” by Robert Frost. After going back online at 12 am to read it, as always my brain started thinking about all things related to the poem and then some.

Picture Courtesy: ME!
Picture Courtesy: ME!

I know life is all about choices. At every step you hit the cross roads again. Life unfortunately doesn’t come with a GPS with a gorgeous voice that says which route you should be taking. In a way that is the best part. Making your own choices.

I know we all tell ourselves we should concentrate on our present but what if it is that time of the day when you just can’t stop but think about the choices you’ve made in life. Ever wonder how the road you din’t take would have been or how walking a mile on that road would have felt like? What if the greener pastures were actually something you needed?

Lookin back :)
Lookin back 🙂

Is there a tiny chance that you might have been happier there at this point in time???Choosing your own battles doesn’t come easily. Some people need to be pushed into the ones they take.

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only option” – Bob Marley

How would life be if you had made different choices instead of the ones your living now?

With the thousand questions still going in my head I just want to keep reminding myself that the choices I’ve made are all mine and if for some reason I slip back or fall on that road and don’t find anyone around to help me stand up. I will still be okay and secretly giggle cause there was no one to laugh seeing me fall. Choices can be made at any point. You can always return and start over again 🙂 

Here’s to little steps taken, the long road ahead, the turns that’ll come and the roads we leave behind 🙂 and to the rest still figuring out things in their head, I hope you find what your looking for.



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