Soul Quest

Just thought i’d post some more pictures from my first experience at the Jazz Alley at Keiko Matsui‘s CD release for “soul quest” 😀 The 90 minutes have got me stuck to jazz for life 🙂

I always thought music needed words to make sense until I was forced to listen to it. It is to be experienced, to be felt, to let go and let your mind flow with the music, building stories, the feeling like your floating away to another land for a while and  trying to relate it to your life at some point .. I won’t say one experience has changed my music style but this is a beautiful addition to the kind I listen to 😀 and I’m glad I went ahead and experienced it 🙂 I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend in Seattle 🙂 and I think i’m going to be getting a lot of people hooked on to it .. especially the Road dot dot dot 🙂


IMG_6619 IMG_6613 IMG_6607


Where words fail, music speaks.” – Hans Christian Andersen



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