Doodle bug bit me :D

😀 I be bit by zee doodle bug and it is taking up all my time along with the Photography I’ve been doing and School (also the thousand and odd hours I spend on Whatsapp and Skype)

I love the fact that I will be able to look back and see all these things I’ve done to keep myself busy and documenting them through this blogging journey is the coolest thing 😀 Feels like I’m living my childhood again. I’ve always loved sketching but I really don’t even remember the last time I’ve done it 😀 Oh ya, may be when I was actually in school 😛 10th grade?

Anyways, the last two months have really given me the time to dig out all the things I like and know that I’m a jack of a lot of trades, master of none yet so here I am trying to figure out what my options are along the way. Writing helps. It is like therapy most days when your not sure of what the mess is in your head but you just want to keep writing or scribbling. Something like Mindless Writing. The free time is a great thing but we all know what an idle mind could do to a person. So until I climb back up I believe doing all these things I love will help me not only keep myself occupied but also keep my childhood and creative side alive 😀 Maybe, someday find me a career too doing the things I like *dreams* 🙂 


The doodle of the lady started out with just letters that I wanted to do but later just scribbled out eyes and the messy hair 🙂 Freedom of expression like mindless writing is a beautiful thing 🙂




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