Dealing with pain…

LOSS; the four letter word always rings a bell in the head. 

Fresh wounds that don’t seem to heal, Prayers that seem to bring no answers. What could you have done that would change the state your in, in any way???

Praying and the urge to curl up and cry your heart out. The feeling like your paralyzed

We all want to find our way to happiness but every time we ask someone about it the only advice that we get is “get out of your house, it’ll all be good” but what if the whole problem is the part where you can’t push yourself out of the house????

3 thoughts on “Dealing with pain…

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  1. Feel better 😦 I know it’s so family says the same. I cry about having no life or friends and when my few friends ask me to hang out my mother says GO! And even though I so desperately want to be “normal” and go out I just can’t. It’s a vicious cycle.
    Feel better!

  2. Pain is a humbling experience, isn’t it? Though it has a way of evoking self-pity, a danger! Tell me please why you liked my post. BTW, I am glad you stopped by. Thank you.

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