Weekend stories.

The weekends over and I’m here sitting with my cup of coffee, done with my cooking, looking at photographs taken during the weekend, now and then looking outside the window. Its been foggy, slightly cold inside the house and raining all morning. Beauty. So I switch on the radio and the lady is complaining how the weather stinks.

ah, the smell of filter coffee 😀

Firstly, I don’t know why a person talking about weather forecast would say that knowing its a Monday and people are already feeling blue about the whole back to work thing. Also, what is so stinky about the weather 😀 its just so good. I know a lot of peoples plans must have got cancelled. You can’t really see the sun and can’t walk outside but just pause and look at it. It is GREAT. I’m lovin it. Everyone is talking about how depressing it is.

I’ve stayed for 2 and a half years in London and have been missing the place big time. If the unpredictable rains there haven’t bothered me. it wont bother me here in Tampa too 😀 I absolutely love rains and the cold weather.


So, I decide to switch to the TV instead of hearing people crib about the weather still checking emails and having food and looking up for better ways to organize the house. Multitasking much??? Yayy I suck at it 😛

Newly weds, seriously how do you’ll manage everything??? 😛

Anyways, keeping what I can’t do aside the one thing I enjoy doing would be to dig old bags and boxes. Since I’ve only stayed here for 3 months now there aren’t really things that I have forgotten so soon but I still managed to find these Feng shui coins in my backpack that was gifted by Mum god knows how many years back.

Picture Courtesy: Me 🙂
Fengshui coins.

Is it strange if i say reading about Feng shui motivates me to clean the house?

Here’s another gift that Mum got me many years back that is still my favorite and will be. Absolutely adore. Its a necklace with charms 🙂




3 thoughts on “Weekend stories.

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  1. Enjoy the rains and have Bollywood rain song with your better half 🙂

    Your first pic – you shot from your eye level, you need to get to cup level
    Second pic – same as above.
    Third pic – You are almost there.

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