Oh, yes I’ve been watching a lot of Cake Boss (The show).

Its been an interesting week for me. Just the other day I wrote about The 3K walk. How difficult can it be. Couple of days of treadmill and cycling and my fitness will get back to how it was a couple of months back. I’ll be on my way. May be, even winning it?

Anyways, so I hit the gym four days in a row now. *pats self* 

Day 1 and 2 went by and I din’t even realize. Not that I’m working out a lot. Just about 20 minutes for now. Din’t even sleep all night with the excitement of running back to the gym at 5 in the morning.

What better way to relax?

Yesterday somehow I couldn’t go in the morning and decided I would go back in the evening. I did it. Only problem the gym at this time was full of fitness freaks. The super fit ones, women lifting insane amount of weights and running on the treadmill forever 😛 (sucks for me)

I know I should be all inspired by their fitness levels 😛 but oh the way they run.

It killed me 😛 like literally.

1. Cause I know I have the lowest fitness levels and can’t even workout 1% as much as them.

2. They are inspiring. I’m not jealous and stuff 😛 (seriously, no) but I’m just the odd one out. You feel me???

workout needs color motivation 😀

Oh Gods of gym. Please give me the courage to keep going back.



6 thoughts on “Its “GO” Time.

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  1. Good for you! Don’t worry about any of those other women. Set your goals and work for them. I was a personal trainer for sixteen years and a PE teacher before that, so I’ve worked with people at all different levels. The important thing is that you improve (and do the exercises correctly, of course.) 🙂 Keep at it and it will feel good.


  2. Threshold level is different for different people.
    Set one for yourself. 🙂

    I know that feeling though. 😉

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