Lessons learnt…

Someone rightly said “Resolutions are meant to be broken”. I don’t know if it just happens or if it is the circumstances a person is in no matter how much of willpower you’ve got. Lazy days can happen too you know.

A lot of travel which was good and a lot of other things in the last couple of week equals a stop to my blogging, a whole lot of junk food and just the guilt after it and when your idol and start looking at every detail in life under the magnifying glass you know where that leads you to.

Lessons learnt thus far,

1. Whats special to you is not special to someone else.

2. Its not a dog eat dog world, it is a man eat man world.

3. Most “friends” will never be around when you need them. Very movie like, cliche, dramatic dialogue .. I know.

People can be COLD and your always up against another wall and even if there are things in your heart that will forever hurt you, eventually you learn to move on from that point. Β 

Forgiveness and all that jazz is somehow not my thing but may be I should write more often. Write to be able to get things out of my system. Write to believe things will be better. Write so I can always go back and read that there are so many things I’ve done and I’m here I should just be happy and breathe πŸ™‚







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  1. Ya..I guess sometimes experience proves clichΓ©s wrong…only when we are in trouble can we actually find out who stands by us. Much more to learn..a never ending process. ..is it not? πŸ™‚

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