Birthdayyyy :D :D :D

As much as I’d like to keep saying I’m 16 truth is I’m not 😛 😀 This would be the first year when I felt like my birthday just came before time (though I wait for it all year) .. I wished it would be a little later. I don’t even know why 😛


It was here. 30th of November 😀 This post is a little late but I’ve just been so overjoyed the past few days to even think of how I could put my feelings into words and I’m sure even if I take out a dictionary look for more complicated words to describe every bit of it, it just wouldn’t be enough.

After being pampered all morning at the salon and just patiently standing with me as I went from store to store shopping all day R.G surprised me with a couple of gifts. After leading to me believe that my gift was a teal vase that I’ve had an eye on all day he then pulled out the Blue bag 😀 “Tiffanysss” (such an Audrey Hepburn moment) from underneath the seat just before we could walk into the restaurant.


I was beyond stunned 😀

We went ahead on a formal dinner date at this very unique restaurant 🙂 It was a different experience. Formal dinners are common in a lot of places but this was definitely one to remember.

It felt so good to be able to just dress up and go out. Everything so well planned and perfect about the day.

Slow music in the background, the candle lights, beautiful ambiance with a very vintage feel to it, our never ending conversations and amazing food 🙂 It just couldn’t get better.


We then decided to take a walk and went on the roof top of our building to look at the city lights 🙂 A little twirl and the cold wind blowing 😀

Ah, R.G ❤ I love you!!

This birthday just couldn’t have been more perfect. So many little things in one day that I din’t even think you would remember. Everything from the Teal to the coat 🙂 Just got me so teary eyed.

PS. Thank you R.G for the beautiful day 😀 Also Thank you Mum and Dad 🙂

PPS. Thank you to everyone who took out time to give me a call or message and wish me. It really did mean a lot 🙂

Lots of love,

A.D!! xx

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