I had just put my phone aside and decided I needed to catch up on some reading when I started hearing it constantly ring. It wasn’t a call. Just messages I told myself as I got back to what I was doing. It continued for a few more minutes when I thought may be I should just take a look at it anyways. (I’m no phone addict but you understand how hard it is to stay away from it during the day when your on Facebook, Instagram and the rest)

As I sat reading the messages my mind started just going around places. I was concerned. It was an old friend “K”. She was upset. It had been a while since we last spoke. (You see I’m married which means most of my friends now have made assumptions that I am busy so don’t approach me when they need to talk πŸ™‚ Also having no friends here in Tampa equals me relying on technology to keep in touch with people)

Anyways I was glad she messaged me. As she sat typing about things it just made me wonder why would someone as strong as her suddenly be so weak. I mean I know we all have breaking points but I just assumed she had dealt with insane amounts of pain already and anything from here should have been a smooth ride but yes I was wrong.

Having lost a friend not too long ago I wasn’t ready to lose another. IΒ tried telling her all I could to cheer her and to a certain extent I know I was doing an okay job as she spoke and told me she felt much better. smiled. But honestly it just scared me as she kept telling me how shes been hurt over and over again and she din’t see why she needed to live.

I do understand every word she said but I wish I could somehow make her understand that she is special and doesn’t need to be judged or treated the way she is. We all have a right to live the way we want and make choices, be able to trust and love. Don’t we?

I just hope that no one gets to this stage in life where they are being pushed to have such thoughts.

What if at that point all they needed was someone to trust or someone who would just nod and listen to them speak??

What if you were just a little late?

What do you do if you understand what one feels but anything you say or do would still not be enough?

What exactly does one do????

PS. No matter what happens just know you are special and you do not need to take shit from people.




5 thoughts on “What does one do???

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  1. “No matter what happens just know you are special and you do not need to take shit from people.” a beautiful, strong sentence to cheer you morale!! loved it… it contains so much of Attitude… a Positive Attitude….!! yes, we need not to take any shit from anyone… it’s one’s own life.. n they have full right to live…!!

    for such gloomy moments.. God has created master pieces called FRIENDS… that’s we need to be in touch with every friend we know!!

    I agree, life changes post wedding and I’m really very glad that you have time for your friends but your friends consider you as BUSY!! But recently I came across with one incidence which made me to think- “Even if your life changes after wedding, cant you take out sometime for your friends, or at least sometime when they really need you or when they are all alone lying on hospital bed….!!! :X”. One of my close friend in other city got hospitalised, she was all alone in hospital, went to hospital alone, was alone in hospital for a night, got discharge next day again all alone… she told me all these after she came back home. The other married friend in the same city, gave statements like- life changes after marriage!! (I believe she was not in town during that period, but c’mon… at least don’t give such bullshit excuses)… We three friends were quite taken aback with such statement… However busy we become.. at least we should give a random call to our friends…

    1. Like you said we really don’t need to take shit from others but sometimes its just so hard when its the friend who is probably talking stuff .. and in the case u mentioned even after having friends the girl was alone. its sad.
      but in my case its the other way πŸ˜› they’re all the busy ones and then when i message respond like nothings wrong and when they have a problem message me and later say oh u know what your married and thats why i thought i shouldn’t disturb you πŸ˜› which doesnt make any sense to me hehe.. anyways .. luckily there are good friends and always bad ones too πŸ˜›

      1. ya indeed.. there are good as well as bad people in this world.. πŸ™‚ n we need to realize whom we can trust and reply upon! I think it’s not people but conditions make them good or bad during any particular situation.. n I think that’s what happened with my friends..
        and with time PRIORITIES changes… 😦

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