Like I’ve written over and over again. I’ve only spent 6 months in Tampa so far but we haven’t gone even a single week without eating pizza or some sort of junk food and have suddenly gained a lot of weight which means my fitness levels have just crazily dropped.  We’ve decided many times to stick to cooking at home and eating but somehow either I get lazy or something else happens and the next thing you know we’ve already ordered something. 

After an on and off exercise/gym routine that has been happening and failed plans of being a part of a 5k event by the end of December. Once again I’ve made up my mind just to concentrate on fitness this time and not think about weight (though I do it all the time).

I haven’t been so tired even after working for hours together and now just cooking makes me tired. But I’ve been feeling a lot better now in the last one week just by switching to home cooked meals. Hopefully we’ll continue eating good food this time.

Seriously, One and half week of having home cooked meals so far isn’t a big deal but for me it definitely is a small goal reached 🙂 Rice being unavoidable for us. But atleast as long as we are staying away from all the cheese and sweets 😦 Oh, it is so hard to stay away from danish pastry.

I’m not going to sit here and punish myself and feel bad for constantly quitting the little goals I’ve set for myself and I’m not waiting for new year to start. Small resolutions I almost make on a daily basis .. and that will go on 🙂

*fingers crossed*

I just want to be able to get back to being super active and go ahead and do so much more throughout my day and not think about being tired. So many mountains to climb, so many DIY things to do, so many artsy stuff and so much to learn. I just can’t afford to get tired in life right now.



7 thoughts on “Temptations and failure..

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  1. All the best to you, adi!
    Glad you recognize the effects that junk food may have later on us. Wishing you an active lifestyle & may you lose the additional weight in style! 🙂

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