Married and alive.

I am kind of having one of those days when all the works already done which means I have nothing to do right now. It also means I’m reading up on a thousand things.I don’t know if I feel this way cause I just got married a couple of months back or cause I don’t know how to handle situations 😛

In the past I’ve had on and off phases. Times when I’ve been the center of large group of friends and other times when I just want like one friend to talk to and be able to confide in.

I’m married now and SUDDENLY I don’t understand the kind of reaction people have towards this. I know they’re all happy  for me and also happy with their lives being single or dating or what not. How do I know this? Isn’t it all on Facebook. (Who am I to judge. I’ve been doing the same). But then it feels like a lot has changed. Friends who at some point were messaging me just to share their problems or friends who almost made me feel like agony aunt have now disappeared.

Now,either I get a message saying Oh I’m so sorry I just thought you were busy so din’t message or you know I really wanted to tell you but your married now so I wasn’t sure. I know if I re-read this whole thing I might think of myself as a bad friend but I don’t think I’ve harmed anyone or said hurtful things. Infact I think a lot

Really what does anything have to do with me being married? I’m jobless and home alone most part of the day while R.G is out working. How does talking about a party going to make me feel bad in anyway???? 😛 or how does me dealing with your problem change in anyway? What does sending a message on facebook have to do with someone being married????

I just don’t understand people sometimes. So tomorrow you get married and have a problem I tell you Oh your married and so am I .. may be we shouldn’t be having this conversation in the first place? (ah I could never say that to someone but yeah) 

I guess I just miss having dogs even more now 😛

I still love you’ll


4 thoughts on “Married and alive.

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  1. That’s written from the heart! Even I share the same views as you. Even if we hadn’t been married, friends would have been & equations would have anyhow changed! 🙂
    I have stopped using FB for all these reasons and more! 🙂
    Problem is we all are so busy that we have no time to even say hi!
    Though we don’t mean to, yet to friends, we have bid good-bye!
    Never mind, life will go on & we meet new friends- like U & I & ENJOY!!! 🙂
    Thanks for being a friend 🙂

  2. Even I’m that kind of person! Thought I’m still single but I hold the opinion that after wedding nothing should change between friends, your best and close friends… Marriage is not a door which closes entry of your friends.. may be your husband and you are okay with same behaviour of your friends.. its friends who withdraw themselves unfortunately 😦 😦

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