I have decided that I will not watch documentaries anymore. I am not even kidding. As much as I’ve loved national geographic and BBC documentaries and reading up on news and other articles. I almost want to curl myself and not go out anymore not even watch TV.

The other day my friend Sashu messages me to tell me how in Hyderabad a little girl was stabbed by a psycho in a station in front of a lot of people. What happened to him? He got kicked and thrown in jail? Play the psycho card and he’ll be out.

When did our lives change from being scared about just not doing homework to worrying about stepping out of the house alone.

I don’t know what the solution is but with so many things happening everyday. How does anyone even feel like getting out? I know we’re supposed to get out and just live life, face fears and all that jazz. At some point crazy biking and all the madness wouldn’t scare me but now just the thought that I could get out and be hurt gives me chills down my spine.

Long ago I had written about Aruna‘s story that made me feel like after the pain that the lady has gone through anything and everything I might face in life would just be minute and that has kept me going for long and motivated me all through last year but still just the way crime has increased. The world just feels like such an unsafe place.

Where is Shaktimaannn..???

Mommy, can we just go back to playing with barbies and reading fairytales?? 😦

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  1. I strongly agree with every word you have said… sometimes we feel like, we can face anything and everything.. but next moment after hearing such stories, we feel like not to step out of our houses…

    But it is life.. and there is no ShaktimaaaaaN to save us… 😦

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