I’m FINALLY in Miami Beach..

DAY 1:

After years of singing I’m in Miami Beach 🙂 there I was finally looking at people showing off their perfect bodies, tanning in the sun and sipping on cocktails while the rest of America is down in snow .. Breezy and sunny here 😀


The morning before we left to Miami was dramatic 😛 Now since half of our stuff is in the new apartment and the other half in our old it took us a while to find clothes and things to travel cause it was a road trip and we wanted to make sure we had everything including lights and extra batteries just in case you know?

281 miles 🙂 Distance from Tampa to Miami. Beautiful roads but like any car Tesla needs to refuel too or should I say get charged 🙂 We chose to go via Fort Myers which is about 125 miles from Tampa. The outlet mall and restaurants are the perfect place for you hangout and at the same time recharge your car. Thanks to the super charger on the way.


 More outlet malls and places should have these chargers which will mean I can travel more and shop too at the same time 😀


 The two interesting features about Tesla are that it will exactly show you how long you can travel before your battery dies and the second being you can exactly see where the next super chargers are 🙂

2013-12-22 14.44.34
Enroute Miami


The drive was more fun not only because of the company and the fact that it is a road trip :p but also cause of the insanely beautiful speaker system it has and the fact that the car doesn’t make any sound so what so ever which makes the music so crystal clear. Imagine A.R Rahman’s live version of Dil Se on full volume 🙂 Ah, Heavenly.

By evening we were there walking through streets of Miami. Driving down the Ocean Drive 🙂 beauty at its best.

More description and pictures in my next post 😀

Love and Seasons greetings 😀


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