A Reminder..

Firstly to all my friends and family. You’ll are amazing people. Thank you for just being there patiently listening to things I’ve always had to say (since I’m the only one talking all the time) sticking around and always making sure I was alright. Let me just remind you’ll that I will keep haunting you’ll for more years to come and just make sure you shall feel my presence for the rest of your lives always having to deal with my drama πŸ˜€ but I love you’ll sooooo very much. So until I see you’ll again just know that I’m always around.

Ah, some delicious’ness before the year ends.

To everyone reading and not reading and travelling and partying and staying home and what not πŸ™‚ A happyyy new year. I wish you’ll an AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING year aheaddd πŸ˜€ with good health, lots of happiness, strength and a reminder to take time from your busy lives to just pause and enjoy the little things in life, travel, breathe, eat, keep the stress away, eat some more, may be run now and then and just be merry man πŸ˜€

2013 passed by in a blink and I want to remind myself to just be the child that I am. Laugh more. Travel. travel and travel some more. pet a lot of dogs. Become super fit and just so many resolutions that I still am making.

Its definitely been the best year I’ve had in a long long time πŸ˜€ *touchwood*

Got engaged. Got married. travelled to places that I’ve not had on my list. new experiences. Tons of memories made . moved to our new apartment and the happiness of just having people I love still around though they’re far away πŸ™‚

Once again a HAPPYYYY HAPPYYYY NEW YEAAARRRRR. I hope you’ll are fine wherever you’ll are and have beaaauuuutiful days ahead.

Let the good times continue.

Big smiles and loads of love,

5 thoughts on “A Reminder..

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  1. And who said 13 is an unlucky number?!
    I am so glad good things happened but can’t wish let them happen again however good it may have been. You know what I mean right?
    So wishing you new things in this new year like say: a new baby!

    Happy New Year!

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