He’s gone..

Writing makes u feel better. Ive been writing and deleting about him for months. I wanted to write to him the way he used to.
Little notes with every gift. Why did I wait so long 😦 now your gone.
31st of December. Mom called and said  grandpa left us 😦 cancer took him away. He fought the first time but this time. Hes gone.

There is so much I want to tell you now.  Theres so much I want you to know. All I have now are these notes and pictures of you 😦 I wish I could come back and hug you. Sit with you listening to the old radio hearing stories you have to tell about dads childhood. Laugh while you crack jokes even if ive heard it before. Ive never seen u upset and I dont think anyone else has. Even in the last days everyone said that you were in pain and when I.d call all you would say was that your relaxing.
Please come back. We need you in our lives 😦 its like such a major part of us is just gone.
Everyone talks about the times you’ve gotten people married and how you’ve travelled miles just cause someone fell sick and now there are hundreds of friends at your funeral and I know your still around looking at us ..
But I dont want the memories. I want you back.


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