Familiarity to things?

The need to know someone. Belong somewhere. The wish that someone would just smile and greet you. The need to know that your not alone. The need to be able to open up and tell someone how you feel, how things affect you or just how life is. 

There are two kinds. People who know exactly what they want and where they belong and the opposite. I am still in a world trying to figure out where I want to be and what I’m doing.

I write for myself things that I’ve gone through~ Dolly Parton 

Every time I read a blog I’m in the search for a niche. Every blogging guru says you need to know your niche. Someway of saying you don’t belong anywhere if you don’t choose where you want to be?

I started out to write just to keep track of the things. I still don’t know why I write. I feel good doing it though. I know this blog will be my journal. Years from now I will look back and think about these memories I’m making now. The ups. the downs. the times when I’ll need someone to talk to and may be I’ll just write cause no one will be around. Times when I’ll find someone to talk to and be happy that I did and write how much someone let me just speak.

My mind is still blank. There is so much to write but Grandpa leaving us has suddenly just made everything feel so different. I know where my family is and where I belong but that will not stop me from going out in the world to still explore and look for new things to think about and write about…

While I’ve decided to still keep looking. I just want to know how do you decide on one particular niche?



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