I need help..

Walking around Best Buy and looking at all these camera lenses I actually feel bad. Reminds me of how dad was excited when he took me to that Formula 1 race and got me my first DSLR with all these lenses and then after I got here R.G made sure he sent me to classes to be able to continue keeping my passion alive. I was attending classes at the Uni doing my course in Photography and taking it so seriously and every little project I got I’d pester him to take me out so I could spend all day taking pictures and now I don’t even look at the camera.

May be I need to challenge myself, think of topics or look up for themes to photograph. To be able to look outside the box and be more creative in the process. How do you keep yourself motivated and keep the passion alive??? I think I’ll follow the challenges on instagram..but do you’ll have any suggestions for photo themes or sites to help???

For now, I just want to upload something taken in Miami. Our dinner date. A small celebration. Cheers to the beautiful things we have in life and to the experiences that will bring smiles in our lives.

#Day 1:

Theme: Celebrate




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  1. I like this photo. I don’t have a suggestion about inspiration. Some days I feel pretty uninspired. But I almost always try to take at least a couple of shots. Sometimes I find that simply trying to take a shot will spur me to be more creative.

    1. Ah, now you make me remember of times I’ve done the same start off with one and end up clicking a few anyways. Definitely a good idea. Thank you so much for your comment 😀

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  3. Awww… surprised surprised to hear this! You have wonderful photographic eye and still have issues with subject or theme?
    Sorry for the long reply, this is for you since you asked.

    Let us attack on how to improve your interest.
    1. Why do you need someone to take you out? You live in Florida and its sunny and warm all round the year. Just take your camera and step out of your house/apt. Challenge yourself to take 10 photos within 50 yards of any item from your home.
    The subject could be anything – flowers,leaves/doors/windows/grass/insects or even Trash.I bet you will get a wonderful picture everyday. Look for lighting, and the lack of such. Take photographs of shadows, or of reflections, or of light streaming through something or of things in total darkness

    2. Get Photoshop or Lightroom. Start looking for free tutorials on Youtube. I learned both Photoshop and Lightroom from these tutorials on Youtube. I followed Anthony Morganti on Youtube. He has around 30 episodes or so for Lightroom alone. Also, on his website (www.anthonymorganti.com) he critiques his followers photos. These are very very informative and gets you to think differently.

    3. Hold a still life photo session in your home. It is a common misconception that we need to go out to photograph. There are many thing at home waiting to be photographed. It could be food/clothes or items like candle or pencils/pens.

    4. Stop looking for subjects to photograph and start learning to see. Look for colors or do the opposite; look for a total absence of color or shoot in black and white.
    5. Join local Photographers club. I bet there would one in your town. Attend these meetings and you will gain immense knowledge from fellow photographers.

    6. Look at other photo bloggers pictures and start analyze how you would the take same picture in a different way.

    7. Start looking at websites like 1x.com, digitalschoolofphotography.com especially go to the critique section and read others critiques.

    8. Learn the functions and settings of your camera. Experiment with your camera settings. I hope you dont shoot in Auto mode. To improve your skills, take same subject and try different aperture settings ( start with f5.6, bump it to f9,f13,f16,f22 till whatever your lens permits. Now try different shutter speeds with different ISO) This will really help you to understand your camera better.

    9. Make a concentrated effort to make every shot count. Typically, one shot in twenty might be a keeper, one in one hundred is good, one in a thousand is a “Wow” photo, and if you are lucky, you might get the shot of a lifetime over your life that everyone can appreciate

    10. Finally, don’t get discouraged. If your photos still aren’t showing any progress after a few days or weeks, keep at it! Photography is also about patience and dedication.

    All the best!!

    1. ah, okay i don’t even know where to begin. even if i keep thanking it wont reach how much you’ve written hehe .. but yes seriously thanks for your comment and all the ideas you’ve given. i should like note it down somewhere else other than my comments to be able to always remember this 🙂 I will definitely look around and start clicking the little things around. that was definitely a boost of energy hehe 😀
      thank u so much

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