One whole year????

I didn’t even realise until I looked at the date sometime back that its been one year since we got engaged 😀 Just last January I was standing on stage shivering while R.G wasn’t even there. I know it doesn’t make sense that the guy wasn’t there at the engagement but somehow it works for us 😛 Arranged marriage scene. Long story 😀 But ya I’m pinching myself and its still unbelievable that within two weeks of meeting him we got engaged and now we’re married.

Wow, talk about time flying. Its like soon we’ll be old and still act like children and wonder if we are married. Time to go cook a good meal. So I shall write again soon 🙂


PS. This was something I had written for my mum and dad during that period 🙂

Do read

Also, I just wanted to say I love you R.G 😀 😀 😀 

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