The Big Bus disappointment

I love guided tours. I am not even kidding. As much as I’ve hated history classes in school each time I visit a place its a whole different feeling. All I want to hear then is the history. Absolutely love it when someones walking with you telling you all these old stories about the place. I even start day dreaming when they are doing it.

I must add that the Indian tour guides have spoilt me. May be it has something to do with Bollywood 😛  The way they make every little thing sound real. There are times when they might add a bit more masala to the discussion but I don’t mind as long as I’m hearing something interesting. 

After paying 70 odd bucks I dragged R.G along to one of these guided tours in Miami hoping to hear atleast part of what I had already read online 😛 He hates going on these but I was ready with my camera and he knew he couldn’t stop me. With a big smile looking at the young tour guide and being all ears like the kids that sit in the first bench in class I was just ready to go. Whatever happened after that was just plain SAD.

All he spoke about was how green the mango leaves were and how avocado looked and which houses had papaya :/ I won’t say he din’t talk about history (which was for 10 percent of the tour) but really? palm trees and papaya? Do I look like I am a child to you???

Not only did the money go down the drain but I was so upset with the fact that we wasted an entire day when we could have discovered way more by ourselves :/ 

Ah, anyways I guess that should be one lesson learnt 😀 Google Zindabad 😛

PS: It has been soooooooooooo looong. I hope you’ll are doing great 🙂

Lots of Love,



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