Miami: The Tesla experience

So far its been very interesting driving around in the Tesla. Not sure if it is cause the car is electric or cause its new we have had people show us the thumbs up on roads. What is even more interesting is that at the super charger we’ve been to there were more cars and all the owners have this nod like we belong to some sort of community. For some reason I’ve only seen this attachment among bike riders and imagine a few Maseratis beside each other they’ll probably only think about racing πŸ˜› Atleast that is what I’ve noticed.

These are some of the tips and places we used during our visit to Miami. Just an idea of options around the place.

This drive was from Tampa to Miami:

Fort Myers super charger is Conveniently located close to outlet stores. Imagine my joy seeing so many stores around πŸ˜› Before we could grab a bite the car was charged and we were back on the roads.Β 20131221_142755

Picking a hotel was a very easy considering we knew we wanted a charger in the hotel. Hamptons it was. Comfy rooms, free wifi, great variety in their continental breakfast, proximity to all the cool places around and just 18 dollars parking overnight. We couldn’t ask for a better place.

Another option to charge during the day was at the Tesla showroom for free. We din’t really have to use it cause the charge lasted all day for us since beautiful weather meant no AC πŸ˜› however, the Tesla app came so handy in finding the closest chargers just incase we needed any.


1. Keep a blanket with you when your on a long drive you never know when you might run low on energy and need to keep yourself warm (luckily the super charger on the way helped us overcome the low energy thing)

2. Pre-plan your trips.

3. Know what areas and what kind of locality you will be driving around.

PS. It has so far been great and *touchwood* no low on energy days.




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