Recycled – Stud holder

Inspired by Tara‘s post on decorating with what you have I thought may be I could write and share pictures/ideas of how I have recycled or re-used things. I sort of call myself a borderline hoarder since throwing away even a glass bottle or a box almost breaks my heart but with a husband who’d prefer an empty house 😛 sometimes I have no choice but to throw things away *sniff*

This weeks little project has been organizing my dressing table.

I’m the kind of person that will forget what they have if the bangles or earrings are not readily on my table. I might just walk out with absolutely no accessories on. That is how lazy I can be. Also, I just love how things when put together as a display makes any place look instantly colorful and pretty.

What I used here is the box that I got with my phone. Turned it upside down and voila I have a place to put my stud earrings. Great thing is the print on the box was kinda wood looking and I din’t have to punch any holes. Just hung them on.



The way to hang the earrings on the box.
The outcome

Since I’ve used the bottom portion of the box the other part felt a little lonely and I thought I could give it some love too.



I hope you’ll have liked the idea and try it at home. Also do let me know what you’ll think about the idea 🙂

PS: Thank you Tara from Crimson April for letting me tag you.



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  1. I’m the same way with accessories, except since I started making my own–now I get to go choose something I’ve made to wear out!! Best part is receiving compliments on them… 😀 I am ALSO the same way with borderline hoarding–especially being a crafter, I’m always convinced I can use something for anything!! I have boxes upon boxes of saved stuff… Some day. Some day. 🙂

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