No matter how much one masters a technique it all depends on what they think about it and what they think about criticism. Artists always look at things differently and are never satisfied with something they’ve made. Why I say all this for a recycling post? Honestly, I don’t know. A normal conversation with someone just sparks something at the back of your head I guess.

People look at recycling in such different ways. Some don’t want to display things that are recycled just cause they might not meet standards set by their neighbors or colleagues. You know what if they think its just cheap??? 😮



If you ask me. I would say my esprit watch is not losing its beauty if its put on a glass bottle or the tom ford sunglasses will still remain the same if kept on a table in a tray that may be costed a dollar. Reminds me of an old poem we were taught in school about sandalwood not taking poison from snake. I just wanted to translate that into two things. I don’t care if what I put looks like a 5 year old has displayed art. I feel happy and I will keep doing it. Secondly that with company that talks negative a noble natured should never be affected.

Too much philosophy in one post??? Blame Robin Sharma. Its to do with all the reading I’ve been doing 😛 Ah, here’s a picture to lighten the mood then.




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