Shop MissA haul..

After fighting and winning my eBay war, Youtube and the gurus suggested that there was this heavenly site called “Shop Miss A” where everything was for a dollar and the next thing you know I’m picking up things on the site. Actually no, I kept going back to the site for a while not knowing if I should really trust peoples opinion on this and just spend.

Resembles the one from Tom Ford

The site has things from necklaces and earrings to even masks and socks including elf make up products and another brand all for a dollar. So I decided to go ahead and spend a tiny bit just to check. I did send in a few emails asking them queries about the products and the response was very quick.


The jewelry pieces that I picked up are very simple just the chain with stones. There is a lot to select from and since they are selling out soon there are new items being added too. Both the chains I bought came with tiny earrings.



The necklaces are light but the stones do look good for the price. Good for days when you want to wear something bold like a statement necklace on a summer day and its still not making you feel like your carrying weight around (not that I would mind). The quality I would say was better than what I had expected.

Makeup buying process is always a little painful except for the one time at Bobbi Brown. I just never know what I really want and randomly pick stuff up that I might never use again. The other times I’ve had the women at stores look at me like I’m from another planet when I said I’ve never used an eye primer. I know how to look presentable and I don’t see what the big deal is if I haven’t used something. So since I found the elf eye primer I thought I should may be give it a try. 20140315_185923

It is sort of a glittery base and I feel like I will only be using it at night. I’ve only swatched it once and I’m not sure how it is going to work for my oily skin. Looking forward to experimenting.

If you do use elfs eye primer I would definitely like to know what you think and also about the overall haul 😀

PS. Do check out their website. ShopMissA

PPS. No, they did not pay me to say this 😛 I’m a mean critique and if I wouldn’t have liked things I would have just said it straight away. Also, there is a small shipping charge.

PPS. I’d love to know if you’ve picked up anything from their site.

Update: 4/2/2015 – I still use the Elf Eye Primer not just at night but during the day too. It works great for my oily skin and doesn’t let the eyeliner smudge at all. I however use a very tiny amount as its quite light for my skin tone. 

The Jewelry surprisingly hasn’t changed color either 🙂



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  2. wow! the stuff u got looks lovely ❤ lovee the teal neck piece !
    * writing after drooling over the site and sending its links to my sis with puppy eyes*

    1. I just placed my order from Shopmissa to India. The international delivery is $9.95 only. Lets see how much custom and duties I am levied and how long it takes for it to reach me.

      Shall keep you updated.

      1. I just placed an order on the website too….and I am a lil anxious about the customs and all. Did you receive your package yet ?

        1. Hey. I was about to place an order on this site. Pls pls pls help me know what all charges did u pay. Like some extra custom or something? And u received ur order? How was it? Plsssss help me. I desperately need to know.

  3. Hello all,

    I am writing here as i ordered from Shopmissa on September 9. The package came in India on 22nd September and till now no update. I contacted the site as well as the shipping company Globegistics, they asked me to check with Indian customs department in Delhi. Firstly, that makes me angry, secondly, I am in Pune, i don’t even know how to contact the customs department and what to ask. I even tried calling the numbers that i found online for Delhi customs, however no one even picks up. I would REALLY appreciate if anyone will be able to provide me any help or guidance in this as i have spent almost 4 thousand and that is a lot of money to go to waste.

    Thank you.

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