Prince Not so Charming.

So couple of days back I was having this conversation with mum about a wedding. The after effects of which are still going on in my head and may be it always will. The wedding is in a couple of months and will be a grand affair since both the bride and groom are Doctors you see. Very educated on both sides and so I was happy at first for the guy since hes a very young doc and Mum was telling me how all the women in the family were talking about the girl being so right for him.

The next topic of discussion however was the fact that there were “Requirements”. Dowry as we call it but what sucks more is the tradition that involves the guys family, (the uncles) going over to the girls place to check the “Gifts” that are supposed to be given to the guys family. If this doesn’t happen then the next step would be to display it all on stage on the wedding day for the thousand odd people attending the wedding to see. The last time mum attended a wedding like this she just decided to walk out and I don’t know how I would react.

This is a custom they say and as much as I like the family I have just decided not to be a part of the whole drama that will happen though it has to be the best day for them. More like a trade no?

To the guy: Kaun banaya re tereko doctor??? :/

To the girl: Run woman Run..

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