Seeking BFF?

Is it too much to ask for a friend here to talk to??? Feels like the toughest thing I’ve done looking for one.

People after people. I’m not sure if I have a set of things that I am looking for or if I’m just not finding someone who I can just talk to and not think. Okay, it sounds like I have no friends at all. I have a lot of friends but they’re just not in Tampa and after moving here I’ve tried . The kind that I can call up at 12 and pester. The kind that will just barge into the house and say they’re hungry and watch tv with me. Yes, I’m married but that doesn’t mean I want to be pestering my husband about a nail polish color or a chick flick.

I’ve met a lot of people so far. Formal relations and hi-bye conversations. My situation is like that Rachel wrote about in “MWF seeking BFF”. Is it really going to take me 20 chapters of life to find someone here in Tampa I wonder.

Checked google.

Joined photography class – Fail.

Went to the library – Fail

Volunteering- Fail

What next?????

Ah, where have all the friendly people gone??????  :/

10 thoughts on “Seeking BFF?

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  1. haha ! that is a insane !! appreciate the efforts you took thou ! its just like “i tried so hard and got no far ! but in the end it doesn’t even matter ! There is that someone reading this and might as well be it !

    1. 😛 ah i have been trying and i still am .. and btw i like that song 😛 hahaha .. i keep singing it often. thanks for your comment on my blog and actually patiently reading thru it 😀

  2. Friendly people are in IndiBlogger & BloigAdda & busy writing Blog Posts! 🙂
    Drop a line when you wanna chat! Main hoon na! 🙂

    1. hahah 🙂 everyones still far far awayyy .. but ya thank you 😀 i will keep that in mind and pester you next time i feel like talking 😀 hehehe..

  3. I’ve faced a similar challenge here in the Twin Cities, as an older MWM. I moved here for my wife’s job, and I’ve found it difficult to make connections. But it’s beginning to happen! Keep it up!

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