Big Bear – Mountain and Lake

We flew down to LA for the weekend and though I was all excited and there were Hollywood movie scenes in my head I din’t think I would like the place so much that we’d end up extending our trip.  We are back at home now I’ve almost forgotten my routine of cooking and other things.

After close to 7 hours of travel and almost missing yet another flight we reached Long beach airport and drove down directly to watch the 11pm movie show.


One of the things I have never done is hiking so we got ready to go hike at Big bear that is about 7000 feet, but ended up just driving around and walking through the village/shopping area. There was so much to see and such little time that we decided that if we’d start hiking we would probably miss out on a lot. After travelling for hours we then did walk around for the next couple of hours.



Apparently the place is packed all year round and considering it was a couple of hours of drive away from the city it was like everyone in LA decided to get out on a weekday.


Hopefully the next time we go down to LA we will be able to stay at the Big bear’s resorts and have time to explore the place and experience all the insane adventures that the place has to offer.



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