Grandma told me so.

As a child every year during summer we’d travel to Kerala to visit grandparents. Sometimes for 15 days and sometimes a little more but the one thing that we did during every trip other than eating loads of mangoes and me running with glasses of water back n forth to serve my cousins playing cricket was that we would plant seeds/saplings.

No kidding. My grandparents were so particular that they’d take my cousin and me to this vast land and make us do it. Years have passed and the area is so full of bushes and trees that we can’t even recognize the ones we planted and now after grandpa left us all we have are these little memories of how grandma would wake up at 5 and go water them and light a lamp outside the house while grandpa would sit out reading the newspaper and then take us around for a walk through fields and we’d have fresh fruits. We’d sit there listening to stories of gods and goddesses.



I don’t know if I call this inspiration for life but it gives me so much joy seeing this šŸ™‚ (Now hubby lets run around the trees singing bollywood songs) šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

I know that I still want to go back and do it even now. Make sure I drag my family too šŸ™‚ and have this as our little tradition of going back and doing things we used to as a child.

Miss you’ll


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