Pass A Grille Beach

Pass-A-Grille is a quiet and cozy beach in St.Petersburg, Florida. I had briefly visited the place for an outdoor photography class but couldn’t really go around and see the place. (Believe it or not it took me 8 months to finally go see the beach) :/ I have in my previous post already spoken about the Saturday market that they have and the lovely lady I met there.

Apart from the morning crowd of joggers and shell pickers the beach unlike others doesn’t look like a very commercial place. Unique art filled streets and stores, interesting restaurants and food and the beauty just make this place so special and I think I’m going to be visiting the place quite often now. 


A small cafe at the beach where we had our breakfast. Pancakes and coffee.Oh, what breeze 😀  Just beside the cafe is where the stalls were being set for the Saturday market.

After a long walk with slippers in hand, looking at the sunrise .. we decided it was time to go around and check out the streets by the time the stalls were set and here are a couple of pictures I took



wpid-img_20140322_175713.jpg wpid-img_20140322_214804.jpg


The place was Touristy but still quiet enough that you’d want to go when you just want to be away from the world. R.G could just sit there all day reading his books and I could spend a day walking around the place discovering 😀 Definitely a place to visit if your coming down to Tampa.

I shall post more pictures soon 🙂



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