Black n White Friday


Its Friday already. I can’t believe it was just last weekend I was walking at the Beach happily clicking pictures(please do check the pictures if you haven’t) and even before I know it the weekend is here again 🙂 After yesterday’s post on Sepia I’m still stuck on taking pictures in Black and white 🙂 Even if the pictures are simple I feel like it just looks different from what I’m usually used to 😀 Still lovin’ it I must say.

Thanks to the professor.

Dunkin Donut’s coffee ❤

R.G has already made plans and told me how he is planning on sleeping all day and I can’t wait to go explore some more places around Tampa. Also, with a laptop that is on the verge to just give up on me anytime I think the only option would be to head out and not have a heart ache seeing this happen.

Anyways, What are your plans this weekend and what are you drinking to get through the Friday???

Happy Fridayyy 😀

PS: Comments and criticism are most welcome. I would love to learn what you think about the picture and what I could do to make it better 🙂 







3 thoughts on “Black n White Friday

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  1. Hey, just wanted to say, love the blog! Keep up the amazing work. And honestly, probably going to have a few Caesars or something, been a rough week!
    Can’t wait to see more from you. 🙂

  2. Your blog color combination reminds me of Buffalo Wild wings..and you are showing DD coffee….:)

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