Daddy Dearest

Here’s to the person who gave me my first Daaru ka glass and said chug. To someone who gets emo every time I leave but acts like hes the strongest and says tension Nakko lere.. whoz motivation speech has always been “Hat Gaandu, sher aaya” haha. I blame him every time things go wrong cause this Mantra never worked for me :/ 😛 Whom i could just kill with a hug right now  

Someone whoz pushed me to go try all things adventurous. Handled a rebel of a teenager that I was, Who got me my first little pup and said she’d be my Best Friend and taught me what freedom meant when your ridin away on a bike and what the love of traveling and being a Nomad really means.

Someone who kicked me away to college in London at 17 though he was worried at every step but still had trust in me. He said only if he pushed me into the water would I learn to swim. (Sad I still can’t swim). Whom I have irritated the most cause the 100 odd people who work for him listen but I just wouldn’t 😛 

I miss you. Miss the times you and mum would just come to school pick me up and say “Chalo lets go for a drive” and the next thing you know we were half way reaching Bangalore from Hyderabad. Miss how you used to sit with Auto magazines and talk to me about the latest bikes and cars. 

 Daddoooo. Happyyyyyy biirrrthhhdaaaaayyy  and I can’t wait to come see youuuuuuuuuuuu and mum soooonnnn 😀 😀 😀

Muuuuuuch love,



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  1. Aware of the fact that I am one day late to wish your father Aditi, but still I know its never too late to do it 🙂 My father has also been the first to share a drink with me…. happy moments. Thank you for making me remember those times. And a heart touching post this one is. Lovely!

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