Day 5- Pain N Cafe’

Day 5- Pain N Cafe'

Neither am I in pain nor am I at a cafe πŸ˜› That is just french for bread n coffee πŸ™‚ Languages are like the coolest thing to learn (atleast as a child it was). Now I think I have memory problems already. But I still do try and learn basic words when I’m going to a new place. Just enough to say hello and ask for directions may be?

I can’t believe it was just 10 years back when I was seriously learning French thinking I’d be doing a degree or something. Anyways, though I don’t really remember much of it. I really like to say that I have learnt it at some point πŸ˜›

This is my breakfast today. Looks like if I don’t cut down on bread it definitely will be a pain for me. Why can’t we just eat and never gain weight :/

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  1. Wow! You know French? Great! BTW, I have always dreamed about no need of eating at all… That would save a lot of time of mine… πŸ˜€ Ha haa… Feels good to be back to your page… Hope not to miss it hereafter…
    The Arts & Me

  2. I am a sucker for the Chai and bread combo! But like you mentioned,if only we could eat and eat n get away from those calories 😦 You have an interesting blog and look forward to exploring the rest:)

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