Seattle Calling.

Fernweh: Longing to go to far off places, craving to travel.

There was one such little calling from Orlando last month where we celebrated our First Wedding Anniversary. Home for two weeks and I have been finding myself wondering where next. Luckily, R.G decides to attend a conference that is being held in Seattle *does the happy dance*

The good side of staying home for this period was that I had made a list of things to be done, places to visit and things to pack. The one good thing that has happened in the last one year is the size of my luggage has drastically reduced from carrying a big suitcase to now just a carry on with very few clothes and a tiny backpack enough to fit my chargers, a book and passports.ย However, my list making skills suck so bad that even though I managed to get an extra memory card and charger I did manage forgetting the universal adapter to charge my camera which will mean all I can post is a lot of phone photos ๐Ÿ˜›

Anyways, after treating myself to DKNY and NYJD’s light blue washed jeans we headed to the airport Friday evening to catch a red-eye flight from Tampa to Seattle. So here we are in Seattle and it has been 5 days of just discovering beauty and experiencing immensely interesting things around the city.

Also, please share some love and tell me if there are really cool places you think are worth visiting apart from the ones like Space Needle and regular tourist lists. Very soon I shall write my list too ๐Ÿ˜€

Much love,






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