SEATTLE: Must Love Crumpets

Every trip R.G and I have taken in the last one year has started with not just rushing to the airport followed by waking up late in the new city but also walking the streets with absolutely no plan in mind. It is a different kind of experience. One that I’m not used to but then again sometimes vacations are meant to be taken just to wake up in a new city and relax 🙂

Anyways, I have this new planning fever happening (the after effect of a lot of YouTube videos on traveling) so getting to Seattle at 3 in the night wasn’t going to get in the way of us heading out to see the city.

View from Westin’s room

Westins’ comfy bed and coffee maker packed with Starbucks coffee was enough to give us a kick start to the morning. By 9 am walking past the busy streets with people in their own world, some trying to get to work while the tourists pose at every nook n corner of Pike place we finally got to “The Crumpet Shop“. A tiny cafe downtown with a long line of people extending all the way through the back door. You could look at the whole cafe just standing outside.

At first I wondered if the Crumpets were worth the wait but then I was eager to see what the fuss was all about. With atleast 20 people in front of us we waited patiently for our turn and I must say the people working there are pretty quick.



Dunked in butter that sort of reminded me of having the Desi Amul butter the crumpets though pricey for a small portion are something I definitely see myself having more often. They looked simple with just pesto and tomatoes but it was Deliciousness in every bite. Rich and flavorful.

Here are some pictures from our morning well spent and tummy feeling light and happy.

The bottomless tea’s gyaan 🙂
Pesto Tomato and Parmesan Crumpet
Walnuts Ricotta and Honey Crumpet


It is funny that after staying in London for over 2 years I have never tried Crumpets. Well I haven’t tried a lot of things 🙂 If I had to describe them I’d say they are like the Hybrid version of an English Muffin and Bagel together.

We sat outside at the Cheery Yellow table looking at people passing by and discussed major things to do in life like where we’d have lunch and how we’d spend our precious time in the Emerald city. I guess it is okay to go off the lists and plans to indulge in good Tea and breakfast just enough to give you energy for the big day ahead of discovering the city.

If you are visiting Seattle you should definitely visit The Crumpet shop and if you have what are your thoughts on the place and the Crumpets or may be the Tea???

PS: Yes, I may have sort of copied the blog title from a books name (Must Love Dogs)

PPS: What was I supposed to do. I have been stuck reading the book and the title was dancing around my head.


A.D!! 🙂

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