Gautam rescues the day.

I sit breaking my head trying to write. It is like I know what I want to write but for some reason I’ve been in the same position all day trying to gather words to describe whats in my head.

I walk around grab novels and magazines thinking that they will either distract me from what I’m doing or give me words that will put me back on track but every 2 minutes I find myself coming back to the blog still blank. Writing and rewriting.

Well times like these there is always Whatsapp and Dear Gautam to the rescue sending me my daily dose of Inspiration 🙂


First of all how does Kungfu Panda not get a smile on anyone’s face. Distraction done.
Secondly what it says makes so much sense. The more this thing irritates me the more difficult it is going to get for me to blog.
So I’m going to get some sleep. Breathe. Yogify myself and be back with a clearer head.

Thanks yo!

PS. How do you clear your head when there is this whole writers block thing happening????

3 thoughts on “Gautam rescues the day.

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  1. Haha. Thank u thank u 😀 . That’s y you should follow my whatsapp statues carefully. In depth they will be. Get a cup of coffee and leave blog for a while and come back 😀 . I am sure all the words will be back too.

    1. hahah yeah I do follow your statues. Acc to Srinivas also it was always “gautam jaisa koi nahi” haha 😛 been trying to follow your footsteps from school days only 😛

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