Seattle: Ferry to Bainbridge Island

Drinking what was left of the Organic Tea from “The Crumpet Shop” I grab my camera and walk with R.G. With great weather in the city comes an even greater responsibility of traveling as much as you can (considering the Seattle weather games). Lucky for us the temperatures remained great and there was plenty of Sun all week with just the right amount of cold winds that made us fall even more in love with the place. Admiring the everyday crowd of Women and Men in all shapes and sizes like they were from another planet I didn’t realise how quickly we got to the Ferry Terminal.


8 dollars for a round trip to Bainbridge Island (however it might be more expensive if you consider taking your car). While I stood in line to get the tickets R.G grabbed some maps and booklets and spoke to this nice lady at the Information desk who not only gave us an even bigger list of places to visit than we already had but also gave us precise instructions on how we could get there.

20140621_170546We waited for the next Ferry and in the mean time decided to walk through the shops and cafes at the Terminal. I’ve gone on a fair share of Houseboats and Ferries myself butΒ this was a league of its own. Massive and I meanΒ it could pass for a Cruise ship kinda way. Lines of cars, motorbikes, cycles and people waited to get on the Ferry to go to Bainsbridge Island. Three levels for people and two levels for the vehicles and even more people. Imagine that and imagine traveling every day by water πŸ˜€


The ride back n forth was just BEAUTIFUL and putting it into words would do no justice to the experience. We were absolutely blown away by the experience. Mount Rainier at a distance standing tall. The Ferry though its size was quite fast but it was still so peaceful to stand by the edge. Oh the urge to do the famous “Titanic” pose (I should have just done it). The feeling of just putting your arms wide open, looking upto the sky and the beautiful water, the Seattle Skyline fading as we moved away and the fresh winds making you feel alive as you breathe deeper. Bliss.

20140621_172724 - Copy



I could just stand there all day but well they close at 1am and there is not much I can do about that πŸ˜€Β So, I guess I had to return to settle for the view from the room πŸ˜€IMG_8325



The sad part though was that we visited Bainbridge twice we had other things planned and couldn’t see much around the place. I’m still surprised that this was our second visit to Seattle and still there wasn’t a moment of boredom. We were so packed doing so many things and still feel like there is so much that we couldn’t cover during this trip. Hopefully, the third times a charm.

If your visiting Seattle I suggest you find your way to the Terminal and board the beauty cause there are no Roads to Heaven anymore πŸ™‚ Just Ferries I say.

β™₯ A.DΒ β™₯

PS: I have old posts of some great Seattle experiences from last year too πŸ™‚ Have a cuppa and may be read sometime? πŸ˜€

Soul questΒ 



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  1. You know when I started reading this, I was like, OK I live in Seattle so there won’t be anything exciting for me to read. But, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Such a beautiful perspective of the Ferry rides. You are only getting better at it with each post. And those pictures πŸ™‚

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