This aint GOODBYE :) …

ah my first post and my most favorite 🙂 one year of being away from home.

The Nomad Fashionista.

im warm.. im protected like the little bird in her mommy’s nest…this is HOME and there is no place like this. there is nowhere i’d want to be right now .. i rub my eyes ..  the suns bright and shining ..something has changed.. its time for me to spread my wings and fly out from the nest thats kept me feeling secure  but i look back and i see my mother .. shes in tears ..i do not have to tell her how i feel .. she knows it by the look on my face.. she knows its time i flew away to far away lands and made a nest on my own now .. i don’t want to leave home mommy i tell her .. she takes me in her arms and kisses me Goodbye ..

its a long way to the place where i’ve to be…

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