What fish are you???

haha this still makes me laugh when I remember the incident 😀

The Nomad Fashionista.

R.G (my husband) was busy preparing cause he was supposed to be taking interviews and as he made a list of things he should be asking he came across some questions. One of them being:

If you were a fish. What would you be?

I went all sweet and said Oh I think I’m the gold fish 😛 you know Fengshui ..and good luck blah blah.

He turns around and says “more like an angel fish at times and a shark the rest of the time” 😛 *sniff sniff* But i’m a poor little thing 😥

Later in the evening door knocks. We usually don’t have guests so I rushed to see who it was. The delivery guy handing over a paper for me to sign on and then gives me this huge cardboard box. Excited I  rip the box open only to find that my dear husband decided to…

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