Beyond Seattle: Olympic National Park.

After thoroughly enjoying 5 days on the busy streets of Seattle, RG and I decided it was time to venture out of the city. There are so so so many places around Seattle that it took us half a day just to decide what we wanted to do. I first read about the Olympic National Park on Ranjini’s blog whom I have been stalking for the last 3 months now. The pictures on her blog are just too good.

Renting a car, we drove to the Seattle Ferry Terminal (once again). While it is 8 dollars for an individual for a round trip it is 34$ with the car for one individual. After the 40 minute ride on the Ferry to get to Bainbridge Island a quick stop at the Blackbird Bakery and we were on the road again.


A 2 hour drive got us to Port Angeles and then another 2 hours later we got to the Hurricane Ridge which is a Mountainous area at the Olympic National Park. It is around 5240 feet and with a rented car and no fog lights the visibility of the road kept decreasing. The unplanned trip also meant that we didn’t have any hiking gear or jackets to keep us warm. Thank God the car atleast had a heater. Here are some pictures taken in Sepia Mode on my phone.



My favorite one 🙂

At one point during the drive we had second thoughts about going all the way cause of the fog but luckily it wasn’t too bad after a while. The view was worth taking the risk for. I’m not sure I know words to describe the feeling. A thousand shades of Green and just you looking over the mountains. I love cold weather and it was just us and the silence. We jumped and ran around cause we couldn’t get enough of what we were seeing. Blissful Egolessness. Minutes of freedom from everything in the world. I wondered if this is what Nirvana felt like?








Its funny that after all that out of the world feeling and being detached for a while and getting out of my mind and floating on clouds we got back to the city and drove straight to the nearest movie theatre to watch Transformers 😛 Whaaat killer cars.

Here’s a video I made 🙂 Ignore the voice. I think I just got carried away 😛 I was just experimenting with an app you see.

Tips for first time goers:

1. Google Bhaiya (bro) always to the rescue so check for Temperature and weather forecasts (unlike us).

2. Google Bhaiya will start disappearing and giving up on you once you get half way so always have your maps handy (Signal/network problem).

PS: Thank You Ranjini for the suggestion. I loved it 🙂




17 thoughts on “Beyond Seattle: Olympic National Park.

Add yours

    1. You totally should 🙂 and when you do ..let me know 😀 I’d really like to know what you think of the place and experience.

  1. Stunning pictures man. The place looks even better now that it’s summer.
    and look at you being a pro travel blogger and all. Video and all ha? It’s actually nice (and funny :-P). Plus, thanks a lot for the tag. Awfully sweet of you 🙂

    1. Hahahah 😀 Your welcome Your welcomee…
      I’m simply experimenting with all sorts of things mostly cause Im jobless 😛 so weird this is and soo new. In my head I’m like err may be I shouldn’t post so I’m just trying to get over being awkward about posting things I guess.
      and what does funny meannnn ????? 😛

    1. hehe it sure was 🙂 Can’t wait to go back 😀 Thanks for commenting. Really appreciate it. I must say you write well 🙂

  2. Hey A.D, I too visited I guess in the same week however we missed out to visit Hurricane Ridge due to extremely bad weather and had to drove back from half of the way. We went to rain forest, lakes and covered the rest.

    Beautiful clicks….Nice read….. 🙂

  3. Hey A.D. I too visited in the same week I guess. We missed to visit Hurricane Ridge due to extremely bad weather and We had to drove back from the middle. We went to Rain Forest, Lakes and covered the rest of it. It was a memorable trip altogether….:)

    Beautiful clicks…. nice read….:)

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