Easiest Revamp of Old Earrings

Untitled I love my jewelry, but most times I keep things away in boxes and end up forgetting I even had them. This particular one has been lying around for close to 10 years and I’ve been avoiding it just cause it got all rusty.


I probably got these for like 15 rupees(0.25$) in Hyderabad and although I could have just thrown them I’m sort of a Hoarder and love recycling/revamping things. The only problem though is that I’m not very patient and do not like spending hours on a craft/art project.Β So here’s a less than ten minute project. Item Needed: Nail Polish Or Spray Paint


All I did was paint the top half of the earring with a Midnight Blue Nailpolish. Then covering the top part with a small paper, I spray painted the bottom with black.Β Since the nail polish and spray paint didn’t take too long to dry, I was able to wear the earring the very same day πŸ˜€

PS: What do you think of the Revamp? Have you used Nail Polish to revamp old jewelry or are there other methods you follow?



9 thoughts on “Easiest Revamp of Old Earrings

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  1. I share this very trait with you. I am a hoarded and won’t throw away things. Its wonderful if you can make old things new and make them work!

    1. Absolutely πŸ˜€ I can’t wait to go experiment with more things around the house hehe. Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚ I hope you’ve been doin alright.

  2. Very cool, and I like easy! I recently gave a neice a bunch of earrings; the remaining “other half of a lost pair.” She glued them onto a frame for a friend after taking off the post. It was super neat:-)

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