Rock Bottom.


Rock Bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my Life                                                                                                                       – J.K. Rowling


An attempt at photographing the seen yet unseen objects around me 🙂 Do let me know what you think about this picture. Also, if there is anything I could do to may be improve too.

Much Love,


7 thoughts on “Rock Bottom.

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  1. I’ve a mixed view on this one. Yes the shiny circle thing draws one to make out what the reflection is; which is nice. But truly I couldn’t relate to the message ‘rock bottow’. Perhaps you could’ve captured more of the surroundings.

    1. I understand 🙂 Thanks for honestly giving me your opinion. The title honestly has nothing to do with the image except for the fact that the picture I took was the bottom of a glass. Writing “bottom” alone would confuse people heheh.
      When I put the title up I remembered the quote and then I just stuck to it 🙂
      But I agree I should have captured more of the background and a clear reflection of it in the glass 🙂
      Thanks a lot.

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