He’s so Lucky!

Guy: He’s so lucky no?

Me: Err, why? 

Guy: Didn’t you hear? He got so many things as “gifts” from his wife’s house. 

Me: Eh? :/ 

Guy: Dowry, Man. They even gave him a brand new car. What did your family give your husband?

Me: Nothing. *raises eyebrows* *scratches head*

The guy then goes on about the fancy shmancy car the Groom received and I go on trying to avoid the conversation before I explode.

No sleep and being pissed off equals an angry message. 

Why is he lucky?

Cause a woman gave birth to him and didn’t decide to have an abortion instead?

Cause a woman decided to take care of him all his life, feed him and make sure he was alright?

Cause a woman will be taking care of him for the next thousand years of his life and making sure he still stays alright?

He really needed to be paid for that and you tell me he’s “Lucky”?

Well, I guess he really is lucky then. 




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